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Hello, I’m Tierney and I’m a qualified Humanistic Psychotherapeutic counsellor.

I specialise in working with sexual abuse and violence, perinatal mental health and parenthood, as well as those transitioning from adolescence to adulthood.

How I work

I work in a way which explores what it is like to be you in the world by drawing on the Humanistic tradition of putting you at the centre of the work rather than purely focusing on specific symptoms or behaviours, although they can certainly be significant. I draw from schools within the Humanistic tradition such as Transactional Analysis and Existential Therapy to encourage you to explore your individual choices and freedom in life.

My approach

We can only ever really know ourselves in relation to others and our environment, and therefore the therapeutic relationship is central to my approach. This relationship can reveal and illuminate patterns in your life; I can support you to recognise these patterns and become more aware of yourself, your relationship with others and the wider world.


In-person sessions take place at Havens Therapy (inside Pelham Barbers), located at 1-3 Pelham Yard in Seaford BN25 1PQ.

Free initial 15-minute phone call