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Those beginning therapy for the first time often ask, “How do I do this?’ or “where do I start?’. The answer, perhaps frustratingly, is there is no right or wrong way. Each person’s therapy is unique to them – there is no map or blueprint of how to do it just as there are no instructions on how to live – much as we would all like some at times!
Therapy can provide a space for you to explore your feelings – whether they be about a one-off event, something that has been troubling you for a while, or more deep-rooted concerns. Together we can work to explore and bring awareness to your emotions, how you are living, and what other options might be open to you.
I have sat in the client’s chair and know both how daunting it can be and how important getting the right fit with a therapist is. I do hope we can work together but if you feel you and I are not the best fit I will strive to help you find a counsellor who is.

The Humanistic Approach

People normally arrive in therapy with a certain issue they wish to explore. Doing so is certainly part of how I work and at the same time the Humanistic tradition focuses on you as a whole -rather than just the issue at hand. It emphasises choice, responsibility and subjectivity and considers what it is to be human. Central to the humanistic approach is honouring the collaborative relationship between counsellor and client as pivotal to the healing process.
You are the expert on your own life and my job is to facilitate your understanding of yourself in a confidential and accepting space. All parts of you are welcome – the parts you like and dislike – together they have a story to tell and I would be honoured to hear it.

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