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Sexual Violence & Abuse Counselling

Firstly, I am so very sorry that you find yourself at this page. That means that something truly awful has happened to either you or someone you care about. Having worked with those who have experienced sexual violence and abuse (both recent and historical) for a number of years, I know how important having a space to explore what has happened and your feelings about it is and I can offer this.

Everything will be at your pace and you are in control of the sessions. I won’t pressure you into talking about anything you don’t wish to.

I am familiar with many trauma responses that can arise from having experienced sexual abuse and/or violence such as dissociation, shame, self-harm, and self-injury and can work with you to explore these; what they offer you and if there are other ways you can manage the pain that has been caused. Quite often the anger and shame we feel after having been hurt can be turned in on ourselves and I would encourage an exploration of another way.

Free initial 15-minute phone call