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Transition to Adulthood Counselling

I have over ten years of experience working with university-aged students as they move through this really tricky and sometimes challenging stage of life.

There is an expectation in society that as soon as you are 18 you are an adult and a whole heap of new responsibilities are put on you – but you and your ability to manage things does not change overnight like a switch being flicked.

I understand that this time can be full of excitement and new experiences but with those can come a huge amount of uncertainty – managing your own time and finances; meeting new people in unfamiliar environments; homesickness and loneliness; finding yourself and forging an identity; peer pressure to act a certain way, which may lead to reliance on substances.

In addition to this, the world can seem like a very hostile place, the climate crisis and war can make things seem hopeless and the covid-19 pandemic means that those entering university have been through a pivotal stage of their development during the hardest and most uncertain of times.

I hope to offer a space in which to explore your hopes and fears, where your voice really matters and there are no expectations upon you.

Free initial 15-minute phone call